The Career Choice Program, Section 4

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At this point, you are ready for Part B, where you will explore the careers that fit your definite career components. With the right resources, such as comprehensive lists of careers that fit certain talents or personality traits, and guided research, the careers that make sense will reveal themselves. In Step 1, you select careers that would be a great fit. Can you see how the choice of a self-employed career consultant or personal relationship coach would be a possible match for the person with the requirements in Part A.

In Step 2, you will complete a thorough investigation of the careers that you are considering. You will generate a "day in the life of ..." scenario for each career possibility. You will examine in detail, all of the pros and cons of each choice. It is at this point that you will address your practical concerns. You may interview people currently working in the field. You'll answer, among other questions, "Am I willing to do what it takes to make this job really happen?" This investigation leads you to Step 3, where you choose a career that fits you perfectly, about which you can be passionate, and that is practical and attainable.

Part C is about creating a specific action plan, which consists of what you will do and by when - the strategy for actually obtaining your perfect work. You will generate short, medium and long-term plans based on what you've learned from your thorough research and informational interviews.

This process may seem challenging or overwhelming at first, but when we work together, each step is broken down into small, manageable, easy-to-digest pieces! Feel free to call or email me to set up a free initial consultation, where you can get all of your questions answered.

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