The Career Choice Program, Section 2

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Following the diagram above, In Part A, the goal is to clearly and concisely state the most important aspects of a fulfilling and thriving work life. We call this list of features your "definite career components." In order to reach that goal, in Step 1, you will look for all the clues in your life, within the following categories: Natural talents, skills, personality, desires, passions, subject areas, values, the meaningful ways you contribute to others, and your work environment. Our unique testing will reveal the aptitudes and personality traits that you possess that may not be readily apparent by self-reflection alone. By completing the written exercises and self-evaluations, you will identify the observable gifts and skills you possess, the job features that are important to you, and the things that give purpose to your life and career. It is in this first step that you will clearly see all of the aspects of your career that might play an important role in your ultimate decision - leaving no stone unturned.

In Step 2, you will "work the clues." This involves asking great, pointed questions, and engaging in focused dialogue with your coach. The purpose of such questions and dialogues is to get at the bottom line feature you desire, stated in a clear and concise way. Although many people have strong feelings about what they like and dislike about past job experiences, most people have not distinguished the bottom line career components with enough detail, clarity, and certainty.

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