The Career Choice Program, Section 1

When people attempt to make career decisions on their own, they tend to look outside themselves and consider specific careers that might be interesting (Doctor, Lawyer, Indian Chief). Their minds hop from one potentially interesting career to another. Usually, they think first of the positive aspects of the job. "Let's see, I really like the idea of becoming an Indian chief. It seems like an exciting job, working outside, nature all around, not a boring desk job, etc." Then they start thinking about the negatives. "I'm allergic to feathers, those cold winter nights in the teepee, and what about cavalry attacks?" They are left with numerous opinions about potential careers, yet are no closer to making a definite decision about what to pursue.

The Pathfinder Career Choice Program™ is a much more effective way to go about making the best decisions. You will start by focusing on yourself rather than considering possible careers. This way you custom-design a career that will fit you perfectly rather than trying to squeeze into a job that doesn't. The Career Choice Program™ takes you, step-by-step, through the process of choosing the best possible career direction for you. You proceed at your own pace, through a series of steps designed to guide you to the final goal. You will learn to break the decision-making process into smaller, more manageable pieces. The process contains three main parts.

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